Vision Zero Vancouver is a volunteer citizen advocacy group with the goal of reducing the number of traffic crashes resulting in death and serious injury to zero in the Lower Mainland. We aim to do this by raising public awareness and advocating that municipal and provincial governments implement systemic traffic safety changes, with an emphasis on safe street design, active transportation, and prioritization of human life above motorist convenience.

Our contributors

Vision Zero Vancouver is made up of members of the public volunteering their time to make Metro Vancouver streets safer for people.

Jade Buchanan is a pedestrian, cyclist, transit-user and driver. A father of one (soon to be two), he wants a world where parents don’t have to fear for their children when they walk, bike or roll to school. Jade is a privacy and technology lawyer with McCarthy Tétrault and a member of the Métis Nation British Columbia.

Rhiannon Fox is a parent of two young children who dreams of a day when they can freely explore their beautiful city without fear of traffic dangers. She and her family get around by bike, walking, public transit, and the occasional car. She is an immigrant to Canada and an environmental scientist.

Mihai believes in a city where people of all ages and abilities can get around safely, without the constant risk of traffic dangers. His attitude is “if you build it, they will come” – provide people with pleasant routes for walking and rolling, safe bike lanes, and fast and reliable transit, and their transportation choices will change. Mihai has a PhD in Microbiology from UBC.

Margie has a deep interest in child-friendly city planning, active transportation systems and the promotion of independent mobility. She is a person who bikes, walks, and uses public transportation to get around, and supports Vision Zero to increase the safety and sustainability of these travel modes. She works as the Operations Manager at a local non-profit organization.

As a kid in the suburbs, Nathan was often frustrated by how hard it was to see his friends and go places without parents driving. As an adult, his priority is centering pedestrians in the transportation mix to encourage independence and autonomy for disabled folks, youth, and elderly. Nathan is keen to expand rapid transit and all-ages-and-abilities bike networks focused on biking as viable transportation. Professionally, Nathan works as a project manager in the construction industry.

Michelle just wants to ride her bike to get to places without the near constant fear of getting hit by a driver. She thinks it’s unacceptable that we sacrifice people, pets, health, safety, climate and so much more for the sake of cars going slightly faster. She uses a mix of transportation including biking, walking, taking public transit, and driving. She is a statistician for her day job and enjoys hiking and ultimate frisbee.

Heikal [haɪ.kəl] is a data scientist working with language and machine learning. A lover of birds, he contributes to ecological causes through citizen science and volunteering. He walks, cycles and takes public transit. He wants the carkillings to stop, for people and wildlife.

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